Creating a new user in the contacts manager

Date: October 30, 2015 Author: webryze Categories: Contacts

Font end users, customers, or internal staff are all managed by the Mantis contact manager. For times when you need to create a new internal user or get a front end user setup in the system you can follow these steps to get them into the system.

  1. From the Mantis Dashboard, rollover the "Managers" icon at the top right of the screen and click on “Contacts”
  2. To add a new users, click the green “Create Contact” button.
  3. Enter in a User Name, set a password and confirm in “confirm password”, you can also have the system generate a random password
  4. Set the registration type, in this case its normally left as Manual Input as we're manually setting the account.
  5. Select the user type, this will be used for password protected areas of the site and also if they have access to Mantis. If you're creating a new Mantis user, you can set them as "Staff"
  6. Click "Create Contact", you can now send this login information to the user.