Removing a page from the menu

Date: November 18, 2015 Author: Clayton Jubb Categories: Pages

There will be times where you would like to keep a page active on your site but not display it in the navigation. These pages may be items that you want to directly link to, pages like the 404 or checkout pages, or even promotional pages that you dont want the regular public to have access to.

To remove the item from the navigation, you'll need to:

  1. Login to Mantis and from the dashboard, click "Pages"
  2. Expand the menu the page is under, in most cases this will be your "Default Menu"
  3. Click the "Edit Info" icon to the right of the page title, this will look like 2 uppercase T's
  4. Under "Page Options", set "SHOW IN ALL MENUS" to no (yes if you want to turn it back on)
  5. Click Save.

The page will now no longer display in the navigation menus but will still be accessible on the site.