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Why you need a 404 page

Date: March 6, 2018 Author: Jason Categories: Consulting | How To Reach Your Customers | Online Marketing | Support | The Latest

First, what is a 404 page? Let’s face it, sometimes pages get deleted, renamed or moved elsewhere within the hierarchy of your website, by accident or intentionally. When someone visits your site looking for one of those pages or follows a link...

Holiday Review Tips

With the holiday season in full swing, it's a perfect time to review some simple items that can have a huge impact on how people see your brand online. The amount of time you could spend on this depends on how active you are on the site and how...

Reasons For A Website Update

Date: October 2, 2017 Author: Jason Categories: Consulting | How To Reach Your Customers | Miscellaneous | Online Marketing | SEO | Support | The Latest | Web Tools

You have probably seen some of the newer, better looking websites out there and are wondering if it is time to update your own website. For a business, a website is very similar to a person’s resume. It tells your current and prospective...

Emak Krav Maga Web Refresh

Date: September 27, 2017 Author: Jason Categories: Consulting | Creative | Support | The Latest | Toronto Wordpress Web Design

We were really excited to work with the team at Emak Krav Maga to freshen up their web site. The goal was to take what was there and make it more impactful. We accomplished this by incorporating the proper brand guidelines for Emak Krav Maga as...

Top 5 things in your Google Analytics

Date: September 21, 2017 Author: Simon McCaffrey Categories: Consulting | How To Reach Your Customers | Online Marketing | SEO | Support

Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze what your traffic does when they get to your website, but there is so much data it is a bit like drinking from a firehose. The following are the areas which we recommend looking at first... Where...

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