Content creation & management

The Mantis CMS gives you incredible control over your website and offers a complete suite of impressive tools to reach your audience and grow your organization online



Keep the copy on your website up-to-date with our easy to use Content Manager.

The Mantis Content Manager is a simple way to create an unlimited number of pieces of static content for your website that can be placed anywhere on your page. It's as easy to use as Microsoft Word, and is great for About, FAQ, Contact pages. The Content Manager also allows you to add photos, hyperlinks and more. When combined with the Mantis Languages tool, you'll have control over your content in any number of languages, all from a single point in the system. 


Keep your customers up to date with the latest news about your business.

Publish and archive news, press releases, and events. Easily categorize and feature multi-media content like videos or photos. The Mantis News Publisher is as easy to use as Microsoft Word and allows you to include images, photo galleries, carousel slideshows and videos along with your article content. News items can also be paginated easily and can be scheduled to be published at a later date, making sure that an important piece of news is released precisely when you want it to be. Articles can be shared across various social networks with the click of a button too.


Create effective carousels anywhere on your site.

Keep visitors to your site updated with new products, events or other important news with our powerful Features Player. Based on the popular carousel, create dynamic, editable slides that feature the most important parts of your site easily and effectively. 


Create and display unlimited lists of products, events and more.

The Mantis Listings Manager lets you add many different kinds of listings to your site and categorize them accordingly. Edit listing text, add images and links and associate them with events.


Everything hosted in one place.

Mantis allows you to host all your events in on place, no need to go with an external event provider. The Mantis Events tool even has the ability to sell tickets using our built in e-Commerce tools, all right from the Mantis CMS.

Site Aggregator

Display the latest news, blog posts or videos in a single list.

Conveniently create combined lists of content for use in a single, easily updateable list for placement anywhere on your site. Combine your latest press release or blog post in a display list that also gives a user easy access to your other new content as well. A single place to get the latest information on your site.

Glossary Tool

Giving your users the best information

Sometimes there is no way around using certain words or terms, the Mantis Glossary tool helps inform your users about information they need to know, quickly, easily, and controlled by you.

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