Mantis CMS Features

The Mantis Web CMS Base Engine comes with:

Mantis CMS add-ons include:

Page Creator

Put anything, anywhere with our unique and very powerful Page Creator.
The Page Creator enables you to create an unlimited number of pages and menus on your site and lets you lay them out however you want. Use over 30 different grid types to create unique and functional layouts. Quickly split a section of a page into two, three or four columns, whatever your layout requirements the Mantis Page Creator is incredibly flexible. Choose from over 70 components and add-ons to place on each page. From blogs and photo galleries to site maps and video lists. Easily assign access levels to pages for members only content and add unique css to control the look and feel of specific pages.

Content Manager

Keep the copy on your website up-to-date with our easy to use Content Manager.
The Mantis Content Manager is a simple way to create an unlimited number of pieces of static content for your website that can be placed anywhere on your page. It's as easy to use as Microsoft Word, and is great for About, FAQ, Contact pages. The Content Manager also allows you to add photos, hyperlinks and more. When combined with the Mantis Languages tool, you'll have control over your content in any number of languages, all from a single point in the system.

News Publisher

Keep your customers up to date with the latest news about your business.
Publish and archive news, press releases, and events. Easily categorize and feature multi-media content like videos or photos. The Mantis News Publisher is as easy to use as Microsoft Word and allows you to include images, photo galleries, carousel slideshows and videos along with your article content. News items can also be paginated easily and can be scheduled to be published at a later date, making sure that an important piece of news is released precisely when you want it to be. Articles can be shared across various social networks with the click of a button too.

File Browser

Easily sort and store all your digital assets online.
Manage and store all of your digital media files (e.g. images, videos, audio files, documents, pdf's, etc.) using our convenient and robust File Browser tool. Upload multiple files at once to an existing directory or create an unlimited number of new directories to help you stay organized.

Features Player

Create effective carousels anywhere on your site.
Keep visitors to your site updated with new products, events or other important news with our powerful Features Player. Based on the popular carousel, create dynamic, editable slides that feature the most important parts of your site easily and effectively.

Site Aggregator

Display the latest news, blog posts or videos in a single list.
Conveniently create combined lists of content for use in a single, easily updateable list for placement anywhere on your site. Combine your latest press release or blog post in a display list that also gives a user easy access to your other new content as well. A single place to get the latest information on your site.

Contact Manager

Keep track of all your customers, vendors and suppliers online.
The Mantis Contact Manager enables you to easily database an unlimited number of contacts for use in e-newletters, e-commerce orders or social networking data. The Contact Manager lets you keep track of all online orders, survey results or system activities and the contact list can be quickly exported to Microsoft Excel or downloaded as a vcard, for use in other applications.

CSS Editor

Advanced users can adjust the styles used on your website with a built in CSS Editor.
The Mantis CSS Editor enables you to edit and customize any style currently being used on your site or add an unlimited number of new styles. The Mantis CSS Editor makes it easy for anyone with a little knowledge of CSS to manage the look and feel of their site.

Short URLs

Manage, edit and customize your web site URLs.
The Mantis Short URL Feature lets you customize long and confusing urls into simpler, more memorable and friendlier urls for the pages on your site, helping visitors remember specific pages on your site much more easily, which will contribute to repeat visits to your site.

Form Builder

Create an unlimited number of dynamic forms
Gather information from your site visitors and have the results sent instantly to your inbox, and stored in the Mantis system for future use. Add checkboxes, radio boxes, single line inputs and mult-iline inputs. Placing the form on the page is as easy as selecting the form from a drop-down menu.

Video Player

Upload any format of video to your site quickly and easily.
The Mantis Video Player lets you upload an unlimited number of videos to your website. You've got the option to upload Quicktime files, Windows Media files, FLV's and more. Already have your video on YouTube or Vimeo? You can easily use embed code to display your videos too.

Email Newsletters

Reach out to your customers with your latest news, events and product offerings.
Create mailing lists and send custom stylized HTML Newsletters. Place a newsletter signup on your site and begin collecting emails from users interested in your products or services. The Mantis Newsletter tool lets you create an unlimited number of newsletters and campaigns.

FAQ Tool

Create an easily manageable and updateable FAQ section for your site.
Allow users to search for the answers to their questions right on your site. Create custom questions and tag them with keywords so they'll show up as a result when a visitor to your site asks a question. The Mantis FAQ tool also lets users submit their own questions, and once you've reviewed them and provided an answer to the new question, it will appear on the site for everyone to search for.

Event Management

Promote company events right on your website.
The Mantis Events Manager gives you the ability to add events to your web site, associate them with locations and display Google Maps to help people find the event and allow user generated events with an approval queue. The add-on also lets you process event registrations online, sending users who register a receipt for the e-ticket purchase. Events can be customized substantially as well. Categorize and post multiple events that can range from single events, to specific dates and times, to recurring events (monthly meetings for example)

Banner Advertising

Keep track of all your banner impressions and click-through's.
Generate additional revenue by producing and tracking banner advertisement campaigns on your website. You can set up an unlimited amount of banners and campaigns and use any form of banner ad (i.e. image, animated gif, flash swf, etc.). The Mantis banner advertising system also allows you to define GEO targeting for specific advertising requirements.

Listings and Locations Manager

Create and display unlimited lists of products, events and more.
The Mantis Listings Manager lets you add many different kinds of listings to your site and categorize them accordingly. Edit listing text, add images and links and associate them with events

Member Directory

Display members of your online community with our fully featured Member Directory.
The Mantis Member Directory tool allows you to display a database of companies, organizations and individuals in an easy to organize, searchable way. Perfect for displaying memberships, profiles, contact information and more to users looking for something or someone specific. You can also assign multiple categories to one member.


The Mantis CMS offers a complete online store solution for businesses looking to sell online.
Easily build comprehensive and powerful e-commerce sites. This add-on enables you to showcase, promote and sell your products online. Sell subscriptions and set up recurring billing. It's been specifically designed for non-traditional retail. Offer digital downloads, subscriptions, and more.

Multiple Languages

Now you can offer your website in multiple languages.
Reach a wider audience with the Mantis Language Tool. English, Français, Español? The Mantis Language Tool lets you find new opportunities in a global economy in over 20 languages.