Hosting & Security

The Mantis CMS gives you incredible control over your website and offers a complete suite of impressive tools to reach your audience and grow your organization online


No installation required

Get everything already configured

Mantis comes completely configured and installed by our team of system admins, no need to dig through hosting options or configure everything yourself.


Mantis secure Hosting

Built with performance and security in mind

Our cluster of secure servers is built to serve your website quickly and securly. With Mantis being a custom built product, we know what code is running on our server and what its doing, no third party code showing up and causing security vulnerabilities.

SSL certificates

Secure your data

We offer secure connections for your users so their data is protected on the journey from them to you.



99.99% Uptime

Online, all the time

We pride ourselves with our performance, our servers are built with redundency in mind resulting in the few hurdles we encounter being fixed before they become problems.



24x7x365 monitoring

We watch so you don't have to

Our team knows before theres a problem and we have multiple ways we keep track of our system health, 24x7x365.

Backup Services

On site and off

Everything is backed up frequently, and in multiple locations so you never have to worry about losing your data.

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