SEO & Social Media

The Mantis CMS gives you incredible control over your website and offers a complete suite of impressive tools to reach your audience and grow your organization online


Share tools

Help users promote your content

With powerful sharing tools built directly into Mantis, your brand ambassadors have the power to let all their followers know about your sites content quickly and easily. 


Third party commenting

Familiar tools lead to more engagement 

Our ability to hook into third party tools for commenting allows your users to see a familiar product on your website, this leads to more engagement and more discussions.


Web Stats

More data means more power

The powerful Mantis Web Stats give you a view of what your users are doing and where they are going. Seeing this information gives you the ability to better server users and target your efforts at specific areas.


Google Analytics

Even more data 

We offer Google Analytics support so you can get even more data from your website. Having both Mantis Web Stats and Google Analytics allows you to check a combination of data and verify what you're seeing.


SEO Services

Build to be found

Mantis has been built from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization in mind, with things like meta tags and proper coding, we help our users grow their online footprint. 


Automatically generated site maps

Always be up to date

Generating site maps can be a pain. With Mantis, you can generate a new sitemap in seconds.


Full Meta Tag control

Help your users know more about you

Easily update meta content quickly for all your individual content pages. Help google and other search engines display relevant and updated information about each individual page quickly and easily.

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